Turn Up Fitness is a Functional Fitness Training facility located in San Antonio, Texas. We offer group training and personal training for all ages and fitness levels. We have Coed group training and Women’s Only Classes. What is Functional Fitness? Functional Fitness involves exercises that train the body to assist with activities that are performed in everyday life. Instead of conventional weight training such as isolating muscle groups, we focus on movements that require engagement of multiple muscle groups. Not only does functional training aid in improving physical activity outside of the gym, it also burns more calories in a shorter amount of time. Our focal points while doing this type of training is to ensure that everyone is executing the excerises correctly and at peak performance. “Quality not Quantity.” Turn Up Fitness is a also a TRX Qualified Facility and the only gym in San Antonio that has the My Zone heart rate monitoring technology. Since this is a TRX Qualified Facility you can rest assure that you are receiving top level training. With the My Zone system you are able to see your heart rate, calories burned, and heart rate max percentage in real time on television monitors in the gym. The My Zone system serves many purposes not only can it be utilized at Turn Up Fitness but it can be used to track all your fitness activities thanks to the app that can be downloaded to your smart phone and even an Apple watch. The first class is always free so come on in and join in on the fun! The first class is always free so come on in and join in on the fun!


WHY SUSPENSION TRAINING? Tone and lose weight- Workouts combine flexibility, core, cardio and Strength training to maximize results- Every exercise performed engages your core, that’s why we say, All Core, All the Time Get stronger- Hit every muscle with the hunderds of exercises available Helps people train for endurance sports like running and triathlons Workouts are fast, effective and fun WHY RIP TRAINING? Build strength and power Improve balance and coordination Lose weight Get an intense cardiovascular workout All levels, all goals